Of Monarchs and Climate – A Conversation with Nature Photographer Charles St. Charles

Monarchs in Mexico

In this video, we join District Forester Kama Ross for a conversation with the award-winning nature photographer, Charles St. Charles. They got together recently at the Benzie Conservation District to talk about the changes Charles has witnessed in our natural resources, particularly the decline of monarch butterflies.

Charles has been working as a nature photographer and videographer on the North American Continent for decades. He has been witness to major changes in our ecosystems related to the influx of invasive species and our changing climate. In this video, he describes the impacts of changing land use and climate across the continent on the wild populations of monarch butterflies.  Charles provides some beautiful images and video of these iconic creatures.

In addition to his work as a photographer and teacher, Charles has embarked on a project to record seasonal and longer term changes in each of the continent’s 15 bioregions using a collection of carefully placed time-lapse cameras. To learn more about his project, visit his website called Nature of the Wild.

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