Nature Change TV Episode 2: A Legacy of Conservation Leadership

Bethany Bucklew

Too many deer?  Michigan Weather?  Old growth forests? Invasive species? These are some of the topics taken on by two of  Northern Michigan’s best-known and long-serving conservation advocates.

In this made for TV video presentation, we hear from two respected leaders in the conservation movement, Keith Charters  and Bob Garner. These outdoor enthusiasts got together recently at the offices of the Conservation Resource Alliance (CRA) to talk about their love of the nature, conservation advocacy, and the changes they’ve seen in Northern Michigan’s natural resources over their long careers. CRA staff member, Bethany Bucklew was on hand to guide the discussion.

Friends for many years, Charters and Garner served together on the Michigan Natural Resources Commission (NRC). Garner is well known for his work in public television, helping to host and direct shows such as Michigan Outdoors and Michigan Out-of-Doors. Garner has also had a long career advocating for the conservation of natural resources as a prominent staff member in the Michigan Legislature.  Additionally, he has served on the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund for more than 10 years.

Charters was first appointed to the Michigan NRC in 1994 and served as chair of the Commission until his retirement in 2010. An avid hunter and angler, Charters was a restaurateur and prominent Traverse City businessman for decades. He’s won many awards over his career, including Traverse City Chamber of Commerce 2003 Distinguished Service Award, the Michigan United Conservation Clubs Conservationist of the Year Award in 2005, and the 2007 Conservationist of the Year Award from the Michigan Senate.


One thought on “Nature Change TV Episode 2: A Legacy of Conservation Leadership

  1. Loved the video of Keith and Bob, great Conservation Resource Alliance Board Members! What will we do when these old conservationists are gone? They are like a modern day Teddy Roosevelt. One a Republican, the other a Democrat, but have worked together for years for MI Natural Resources! Why can’t we do this in Washington? If half of our elected officials had their attitude this country would be in a better place! Keep up the good work, Keith, Bob and Joe! Jim

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