Brookie Lessons

Kriya Miller & Matt Miller

In this short video, we visit a little creek or “brook” in southern Leelanau County fed by groundwater springs and flowing toward Lake Leelanau. The small stream is part of an old farmstead donated to the nonprofit outdoor education group known as the Human Nature School (Traverse City). School staff and volunteers have been working to clean up the old farmstead and wondered what needed to be done to improve the creek that flows across the property.

Brook Trout

Co-Directors Kriya Miller and Matt Miller are excited about the opportunity to provide new educational experiences on this property. However, the little creek appeared overgrown and choked with branches from trees and shrubs. To help them better understand the challenges of improving the stream, they asked their friend, aquatic ecologist Brett Fessell to pay a visit and make a few suggestions.

Brett Fessell

In this video, we watch Fessell and biologist, Dan May evaluate the creek and complete a proper fish survey of the creek. We learn along with the Millers about brook trout and the habitat provided by such small creeks in Northwest Lower Michigan. Fessell says that although these small creeks may be isolated at times, they represent a kind of “bank” for brook trout that may be released during times of high water.

As we learn, sometimes streams are best when left in their natural state.

2 thoughts on “Brookie Lessons

  1. Great story. I grew up fishing Brook Trout in Benzie County. It’s been a couple years since I have fished for brookies. It’s good to see they are being looked after and getting the chance to thrive.

  2. Great story. I grew up fishing for Brook Trout in Benzie County. Thanks to Kriya, Matt and Brett for the work they are to doing to help this fish survive and thrive.

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