Plague Phase – voices in response to ecological decline

Nature Change and Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology are very pleased to present this experimental short film, Plague Phase.

On the evening of Thursday, January 28, 2021, Nature Change joined with Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology (Petoskey, MI) to present a “virtual premiere event” featuring the new short film, “Plague Phase.” Inspired by a challenging and prophetic essay by the noted ecological economist, Dr. William E. Rees, this film takes on the difficult subjects of loss and adaptation in a time of ecological decline.

Produced by Joe VanderMeulen, Anne-Marie Oomen and Bronwyn Jones, the film features young actors Wren and Phoebe Walter and Norm Wheeler as well as Michigan poets Fleda Brown, Bronwyn Jones, Anne-Marie Oomen, Jennifer Steinorth, Keith Taylor, and Catherine Turnbull. The sculpture of Bill Allen sets the stage for this engaging encounter with imagination and the creative spirit in reaction to dramatic environmental change.

The premiere event included opening comments by Brad Kik, Executive Director of Crosshatch as well as commentary by a panel of artists and activists, including Anne-Marie Oomen, Stephanie Mills, Brad Kik, Jaimie Delp, Seth Bernard, Leslie Tye, and Holly Bird.

Here are some comments from the audience:

Stunning; — weeping, hearing voices that speak to me. (Kathleen Snedeker)

Thank you, all, for your stirring and very beautiful call to action. Science and reason first convinced me that my engagement was important. Your film, your words, your readings, your powerful work, Bill, the wonderful Walters girls, all the elements worked together to direct your eloquent message straight to my heart, my soul – now I’m 100% engaged in this great challenge of our time.  (Taro Yamasaki)

Beautiful, and thank you. Making amends. (Barbara Meredith)

Haunting and beautiful! On an artistic (visual) level I really appreciated the sets; simple and messy and real, and of course very rich because of Bill’s amazing art! It was a perfect backdrop (interactive) for the words, the mood and content. I thought the juxtaposition of the girls in their youthful curiosity posing questions of enormous gravity, followed by the heavier words of the poets – the innocence & purity followed by the weight of elder voices – this was really powerful.  (Denise Sica)

To see a copy of the generative essay by Dr. William E. Rees, click here.

To see a recording of the entire “Plague Phase – virtual premiere event” (1 hr. 45 min.), click here.



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