The Secret to Life – Part Two

In this “explainer” video, we’re invited to take a harder look at the earth’s atmosphere and how the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) is changing. This video helps us understand and “see” how the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing well beyond levels experienced on earth over the last 800,000 years.

Even though it makes up a tiny fraction of the atmosphere, carbon dioxide plays a huge role in providing the food for life and making our planet’s temperature livable. But humans have unleashed massive stores of CO2 by unearthing and burning huge amounts of carbon that was stored in the earth millions of years ago. How much? This video will show you with lots of facts, numbers and a fast-draw hand.

Dan Bertalan

Bertalan is an award-winning cinematographer, author and graphic artist, noted for his documentary work and science education videos. He is also scientist with a love for outdoor adventure, bow hunting and storytelling. His work is prominently featured on the Into the Outdoors (ITO) Network and includes The Ottaway – A River Reborn about the Boardman River in Northwest Lower Michigan.

This short video was written and produced by Dan Bertalan and shared with Nature Change as a public service. Bertalan can be contacted at Candle Moth Media.

[Editor’s Note:  The featured image is from NASA – The Space Shuttle Atlantis in the sky on July 21, 2011.]

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