Flushing the Future – The Challenge of Failing Septic Systems

What risks do failing-septic systems pose to the health of people and the environment? How do we know if septic wastes are ending up in our lakes, streams and groundwater? Who is checking to make sure failing or broken septic systems are being fixed?

We may not want to talk about what happens to what we flush down the toilet, but this has become a hot topic of conversation in Leelanau County and many parts of Northern Michigan. People across the region are asking what’s the best way to assure that private onsite wastewater treatment systems – or just septic systems – are working properly to protect human health and the environment.

The answers to these and other critical questions are the focus of this documentary film. In about 16 minutes, we hear from leading wastewater research scientists, environmental and human health professionals, and public policy experts. We also hear from Leelanau County leaders involved in researching and responding to these challenges locally.

We are very grateful to the many experts who participated in this documentary. We also greatly appreciate the production help and support provided to Nature Change by the following people and organizations:

Benzie Conservation District

Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department

FLOW – For Love of Water

Leelanau Clean Water – A Leelanau County Task Force

Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council

Dan Bertalan, Candle Moth Media

Jane Perinno, Benzie Conservation District

Dennis Wiand, Zero Gravity Aerial

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