A Conversation with Forest Ecologist Marvin Roberson

Marvin Roberson

As the Forest Policy Specialist for the Sierra Club – Michigan Chapter, Marvin Roberson has long advocated for management practices that assure greater sustainability and diversity in age-classes of forests on state and federal lands. In this short video, Roberson reflects on policies that have resulted in a high percentage of young forests on public lands, an age-class perpetuated by frequent cutting.

The unnaturally high percentage of aspen forests represent a particularly difficult problem, says Roberson. By maintaining a large quantity of aspen forests with regular cutting, the natural succession of forests to larger, more-mature forests is stopped. Worse, the current over-abundance of deer is perpetuated by providing so much of this key food source. Over-browsing by deer, prevent the growth of new, long-live trees such as hemlock and interferes with reforestation.

Please watch this short video the full story directly from Roberson himself!

[Editor’s Note: We are grateful to photographers Ronald Strong and Ted Gilmer for some of the illustrations presented in this video. We also thank Charles Dawley (Little Traverse Conservancy) for some of the beautiful drone imagery presented in this video.]

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