Investing in Solar – Personal Choices with Public Benefits

“First and foremost,” Jim and Kelly Lively tell us, “going solar is a personal family decision.” This video essay reveals some of their private and public reasons for making an investment in solar energy.

Kelly and Jim Lively

Jim and Kelly married and bought a home near Empire in Leelanau County over 20 years ago. Trained in biology and resource development, Jim has worked as a land use planner and is now a program director for the nonprofit, Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities. Kelly has worked in a microbiology lab, served as the Leelanau County Drain Commissioner, and now provides policy and outreach services for Cherry Capital Foods.

In this video, we get some personal detail from Jim and Kelly about their decision to invest in solar panels for their home. They tell a clear and compelling story, revealing their concerns and private financial considerations.

Ultimately, they tell us that investing in domestic solar energy production is a no-lose proposition. But for the Lively’s it’s more than a wise investment in their home, it’s also a clear demonstration of the successful economics of solar power – not just for middle class families like theirs, but for the larger power production industry.

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