Keeping Carbon in Forest Soils: The Necessary Snowpack

Rany Schaetzl_cropped
Professor Randy Schaetzl

Randy Schaetzl studies the processes of soil formation and the interactions of soils with regional hydrology, biology and climate. A Professor of Geography and Geology at Michigan State University, Dr. Schaetzl recently completed a study on the movement of carbon in forest soils across northern Michigan. His findings have big implications for climate change researchers.

Recently, District Forester Kama Ross invited Dr. Schaetzl to discuss some of his research findings while visiting the Traverse City area. As a forester providing support to land owners throughout Benzie, Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties, Ms. Ross is quite concerned about soil fertility and our changing climate.

District Forester Kama Ross

In this video, Dr. Schaetzl and Ms. Ross talk about forest soils, their formation and variability across northern Michigan. Then, they talk about Dr. Schaetzl’s recent research showing how important our region’s annual snowpack is in keeping carbon in the soils – and out of the atmosphere.

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