Jim Olson & Dave Mahan on Natural Resources Stewardship

Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation, Phil Ellis invited two of our region’s most respected and experienced environmental leaders to consider the challenges and choices facing natural resource managers – and all of us in Northwest Lower Michigan.

Jim Olson has been practicing law since 1972, specializing in environmental protection and resource management. He has numerous publications on environmental and land use law and was given the Champion of Justice Award from the State Bar of Michigan for his work defending the environment. A well-regarded teacher and lecturer, Olson is also the founder and president of FLOW – For the Love of Water – an advocacy organization working to preserve and protect water resources.

Dr. Dave Mahan recently retired after 30 years of services as the Associate Director of the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, an educational organization offering environmental science programs for students of all ages. Mahan is a noted expert in stream ecology and an enthusiastic educator who joyfully shares his expertise in freshwater fisheries and ecosystems.

In this video, we listen in on their conversation about the natural resource changes they’ve witnessed over their careers and the challenges that lie ahead. Jim Olson and Dave Mahan also offer their suggestions to students and the leaders of tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Jim Olson & Dave Mahan on Natural Resources Stewardship

  1. Great video….great message! As Jim says, trying to understand the relationship of ourselves and the community to the hydrologic cycle and what it means as far as quality of life, business, the environment, and human health and what you can do about that to make it good is a great message…promoting the common good. Thanks to all!! Thanks Joe for Nature Change.

  2. Joe and Phil, and Dave, Compadres,

    Thank you for allowing to participate in your presentation. You really know how to produce quality, far beyond what I could present on my own, not to mention it was fun to spend time with all of you.

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