Volunteer Conservationists: Helping Preserve the American Kestrel

Over the last several years, the Little Traverse Conservancy has developed an EcoSteward volunteer program to help people get involved in science-based activities related to the natural resources of Northwest Lower Michigan. One group of EcoStewards has focused on helping improve conditions for our nation’s smallest raptor, the American Kestrel.

Last fall, we talked with LTC’s Volunteer Coordinator, Cacia Lesh about the program. Cacia explained that the populations of kestrels across the country have been declining for year. There are a number of causes identified, including the loss to habitat and other changes in the environment. With LTC’s backing and support, a group of EcoStewards are working to help preserve the American Kestrel. Already, this small group of conservationists have constructed and placed over 20 kestrel nesting boxes on LTC’s land preserves and more are on their way.

As shown in this video, it’s not always easy work, but these volunteers are contributing to habitat improvement in our region and helping to preserve wildlife diversity.

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